why Airaa “the HR Bot” is very famous among the pack?

  • Simplify HR Activities

    Airaa offers higher levels of user engagement and zero training required by design. It streamlines many day-to-day manual administrative tasks, thus improving productivity and efficiency of Employees & HR Managers while reducing costs and the risk of human error.

    Simplify HR Activities
  • Built-in Security

    Built-in Security

    HR Assistance can be deployed to on-premise and Cloud systems, per our clients’ security needs. Additionally, we provide user-level security for system administration and access-level security for the bot.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Airaa uses the latest Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technology to understand user query and provide a response based on the question.

    Natural Language Processing
  • Channels to Access

    Channels to Access

    Airaa comes ready to integrate with various social communication platforms such as Slack, Skype, Hangout, Facebook etc. We provide an intuitive UI to configure and modify the settings accordingly, per the client’s needs.

  • Massive Scalability

    HR bot will perform great regardless of the number of users, complexity, or data volume.

    Massive Scalability
  • Time to Replace Mobile Apps

    Time to Replace Mobile Apps

    If you missed the early days of app economy, you can’t miss this one – the conversation economy. Chatbots real-time performance ensures an awesome employee experience. It’s the future.

Why Do you need HR Personal Assistant?

Gallup estimates that actively unhappy workers cost the United States $450 billion to $550 billion a year

Chatbots Chatbots Chatbots

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