why Quirk chatbots are popular among the pack

  • Quick Bot Development

    The Quirk platform provides a plug and play UI to build chatbots incredibly fast. It’s Easy to define the flow and add custom intents, entities and dialogues. The platform also provides flexibility to change the intent, entity and dialogue context whenever the user wants

    Quick Bot Development
  • Built-in Security

    Built-in Security

    Quirk chatbots can be deployed to on-premise and Cloud systems, per our clients’ security needs. Additionally, we provide user-level security for system administration and access-level security for your bots

  • Natural Language Processing

    Quirk uses the latest Natural Language Processing and A.I. technology to map the correct system action to the user’s intent

    Natural Language Processing
  • Channels to Access

    Channels to Access

    Quirk administration module comes ready to integrate with social platforms such as Facebook, Slack, Skype etc. We provide an intuitive UI to configure and modify the settings accordingly, per the client’s needs

  • Massive Scalability

    Your bots will perform great regardless of the number of users, complexity, or data volume

    Massive Scalability
  • Time to Replace Mobile Apps

    Time to Replace Mobile Apps

    Mobile apps are outdated and will become obsolete in the next few years. Chatbot real-time performance ensures an awesome user experience. It’s the future

Why do You Need Chatbots?

More than 100+ enterprise companies have already invested in chatbots. It’s the future!

Chatbots Chatbots Chatbots

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